Friday, November 11, 2016

J Ellen's Christian Book Review: No bad reviews!

   No bad reviews. How great is that!? As I launch into book reviewing again, I maintain my commitment to promoting good Christian fiction rather than criticizing the creative efforts of authors as they hone their crafts. That being said, I will read every book I receive but will only review those I can give stellar reviews for.  
   At this time, I am only accepting fiction works for reviewing. I love reading (but am not limited to) Christian Mainstream fiction (both historical and contemporary), Christian Romantic Suspense and Historical Romance, especially out of the box stuff like MaryLu Tyndall's pirate romances.    
   Although I am a fan of mystery and suspense, if a book is written from a Christian world view, I want to read it--regardless of genre!
   Kudos to MaryLu Tyndall as a shining example of how to be true to yourself as a writer. Write what you love--not what you think the market is begging for. M. L. Tyndall had a passion for pirate lore so created her own unique genre--Pirate Romance--and continues to write great books in a romantic niche she carved out for herself.
    Regardless of genre, I particularly love characters who challenge stereotypes, and I adore character driven stories.
   If you have a book to submit for review, mail a hard-copy to:

 J Ellen's Christian Book Review, 113 Cotton Ct., Auburndale, FL 33823

Happy writing!

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