Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Review: Writing From the Trenches

Review by Jocelyn Andersen: I love it! 

  I ordered the paperback because I love to highlight, take notes, and re-read. And I am doing just that. I have been looking for a resource like this for AGES. Non-fiction flows fairly easily from my pen, but I have struggled with finishing my novel. Some of my questions have been so basic, yet books I have read purporting to answer them have fallen short. NOT ANY MORE! Writing from the trenches is a joint effort of ten best-selling authors. Yes, I said TEN. I love that I'm getting ten different takes on different methods of getting that novel started and finished. Not only are my novel-writing questions getting answered, but I find myself inspired, motivated, and moving forward with new confidence that I CAN DO THIS! 

Thursday, November 1, 2018

When Should You Pay for a Manuscript Critique?

 The rejection letter below, was sent by One Way Press to a writer who shows AWESOME promise and who we believe would benefit from a manuscript critique. Most beginning novelists would do well to hire professionals to edit and critique for grammar and story issues.
Dear Author

Thank you for submitting your manuscript for consideration. We have made the decision not to accept it for publication. Your writing and grammar editing are excellent. We loved your story idea and have a few suggestions for you based on our reasons for not offering a contract at this time.
  • Begin the story with the main character
  • Introduce the conflict between the two main characters as quickly as possible 
  • Avoid back-story, especially in the beginning (show not tell)
  • Reduce the number of POV's 
  • Tighten up the story by editing out scenes [delightful as they may be] that do not develop characters or propel the story forward
We believe you have an excellent story idea and the writing skills to execute it in a commercially marketable way. You may benefit from hiring a story critique editor to help with tightening up the plot and slashing unnecessary scenes. 

Once these issues are resolved, you are invited re-submit your story. We wish you best-selling success in your writing and hope you find these suggestions helpful.

The OWP Acquisitions Team