Thursday, May 25, 2017

Writing Hacks that Beat Writer's block.

   Writer's block. Hmm.... 
   Happens to me almost every time I open my word processor to work on my novel. 
   Why do I just know I will NEVER be able to think of another word to add to my  story? 
   Is it just me? Or do other writers go through the same thing?
   As with most things in my everyday life--of which writing is a large part of--I have some "hacks" I use to get past things like procrastination (who me?!?) and the dreaded, WRITER'S BLOCK!!!!!
   When I get bogged down with no fresh ideas, I begin reading through a document of plot and character ideas/needs and loose ends, things I was not quite ready to work on at the time I jotted them down, but know I will get to later. 
   I add to this document each time I work on my manuscript, and reading through it generally proves helpful. My organization for this document is extravagantly simple. Notes and ideas get filed under the character's name the idea most closely associates with. That way, I don't end up with a confusing mass of less-than-helpful notes. 
   Another thing I do to combat writer's block, is to begin reading through what I have already written. Almost without fail, my story and characters draw me in, and before I know it, I find myself adding to the story.
   Wallah! cured of writer's block!

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