Saturday, April 7, 2018

Four Reasons to Find a Publisher for Your Book

  There are benefits to self-publishing, and there are benefits to not being self-published. Even if their stories are awesome, some authors may never find publishers, so must self-publish. Conversely, self-publishing is not for every author. Writers must weigh their goals (as well as their abilities and limitations) against the pro's and con's of each option.
   Moving forward with a poorly thought out decision, is something an author may have to live with for years, maybe even forever. 
   If one of your goals is to see your book on the New York Times Bestseller List, then self-publishing is not for you. Self-published books [even run-away-best-sellers] are not promoted on this list. If one of your primary goals is total control over your creation, then having a publisher is not for you.   
   That being said, having a publisher has many benefits. 1.) You, as a writer, will only have to write and promote your works [every author must promote their books--no exceptions]. 2.) Your publisher usually [also] promotes your works on their general platform, but in addition to that, will bear the cost of producing a product that booksellers will be excited to add to their shelves. Your publisher, not you, takes the risks and bears the costs of formatting, designing and creating a stunning cover, and printing and distributing your book.
   Create Space is an awesome platform for self-publishers, and some small press publishers also use it to print and distribute for their contracted authors.  3.) A good publisher distributes your book worldwide. Bookstores can order from a publisher at wholesale cost without minimum orders, and [in many parts of the country] even receive free shipping.
"While bookstores are usually happy to fulfill specific customer orders, most bookstore owners refuse to buy books from Amazon, Amazon imprints, or Amazon affiliates such as Createspace. Even if your digital book hits the bestseller lists, if you distribute your paperback through Createspace many bookstores won’t stock it." --Huffington Post, Dec 2017
 4.)  Although most publishers require authors to submit professionally edited manuscripts to begin with,  most authors who choose publishers, enjoy the added benefit of editors who work closely with them prior to publishing, ensuring that their book goes to market as a professionally polished product, of the highest quality, something they can always be proud of.
   Self-publishing is a great option for writers who enjoy the technical processes and either have the skills or are willing to take the time and make the effort to learn the skills. Having a publisher is the only good option for authors who just want to...write!